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Hey There, I'm Rose, And I hope to meet you soon!

For now, I'd love for you to get to know me a bit better
both personally and learn a bit more about my style!

I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, and have come to terms with the unpredictable weather over the years. I love our beautiful snow globe like days but my heart lives for the days where I can enjoy camping, bonfires and going kayaking. I consider myself an old gypsy soul. I've never been one for the everyday hustle and bustle of life and prefer exploring nature and my seeing the world through my creative eye. The simpler things in life make me happiest. A warm cup of coffee. The smell of rain on a warm summer day. Watching the sun set over Lake Erie. But most importantly spending time with my family. 

Although, I'm a creative at heart, I'm a wife and mother of 3 first.  If I'm not out photographing one of my lovely clients (or working hard on perfecting there images), you'll certainly find me with my family. I may be playing video games with my boys, doing crafts with my daughter, binge watching Supernatural with my husband, or find us all together with some popcorn having a movie night.

Being a photographer has been my dream since I was 7 years old. When my parents got me my first 35mm camera, my world changed. It was my first love. I've always considered myself a fun, unique person and am always trying to express that any way I can. I love to capture moments with a unique aesthetic, trying new techniques or a twist on an old one. When you book a session with me you can expect my style to be quite free-flowing. I focus on capturing real moments with real passion, in real time. I love my images to showcase who someone truly is and capture their uniqueness, because if we were all the same the world would be such a boring place.

When it comes to weddings, they make my heart explode with love and joy! I love EVERY. SINGLE. THING. about a wedding. I love watching all the friends and families coming together and being so supportive of two people who have found their other half. I love all the tiny details from the rings, to the cake, the flowers, & everything in between. But if I had to pick one thing that is superior to all the other pieces of a wedding day, it would be the way a bride and groom smile and look at each other on their wedding day. There's a certain spark between two people in love that shines when they connect eyes on such a special day. I love capturing that most of all.  

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me, I hope to be able to get to know you soon!
Meet my wedding day partner in crime, Deanna, below!

Hello, Hello! I'm Deanna and can't wait to meet you!

I'm the Second Wedding Photographer here at Loved by You Photography and so excited to tell you a bit about myself! I was born and raised in countryside of Northeast Ohio, and am a country girl at heart. I enjoy just driving slow and enjoying the sceneries. Nature in general, it's pure and raw beauty, is where I feel at home. I love just being outside and enjoying all of life's beautiful creations. I absolutely love all the seasons, and luckily here in Ohio I can sometimes enjoy all four in one day! Haha 
Over the last few years, fitness has become an everyday necessity and true passion for me. I love doing Zumba and just dancing in general. I live in out in the country, thankfully, because I love turning up the music, having dance parties and just singing loud! If you throw on "The Wobble" you're bound to see me dancing like nobody's watching!

I am a wife and absolutely love my husband Jay! We got married October 23rd 2010 and it was absolutely perfect. On this day I became a stepmom to a wonderful little boy! Since then life for us never has a dull moment, and is filled with tons of love and memories. Along with being a step mom, I'm also a mom! In 2011, Jay and I had our first of 4 babies! After having our first child I became a Pharmacy Technician, and even though everything about my job was great, there was still something missing. I wanted to be able to pick my hours, stay home & enjoy every precious moment with the family Jay & I had created. Photography was the answer to my problem!

I started photography in 2005, my junior year of high school, doing a Mentor-ship Program with a local photography business. I did that for 4 years and from there went on my own and continued to self teach myself, shooting a variety of different sessions from newborn & families to seniors & a few weddings. Now I'm the partner in crime of shooting some amazing weddings! Meeting & beginning to work with Rose in the summer of 2016 was an amazing opportunity! It has done nothing but given me the chance to grow & expand my knowledge of photography thus putting my love & passion for it in full throttle!


Together we are Loved by You Photography!​

We hope to have the blessed opportunity to work with you on your wedding day!
To past, present & future brides and grooms, we want you to know that you're not just hiring wedding photographers for your big day. Though, by title, yes that is what we are but we like to consider ourselves even more. We're extra bridesmaids, our fancy dress is just camera sized. We'll be there to help pin on those boutonnieres, that no man ever seems to know how to do, or help your groom figure out how to tie his tie. When no one can figure out how that dress of yours is supposed to be bustled up or you leave your bouquet on the party bus for pictures and need it, we'll be there helping every step of the way. Yes, we're here to take your photos, but if you need us, we'll be there for so much more!

And know that our hearts truly are in this, in each and every wedding we shoot. We will laugh with you during those hilarious moments of drunken dance floor antics, or a silly moment during the toasts that all your guests will chuckle at. During the wedding vows, the first dance, the parents dances, we'll try to hold back our tears as it takes us back to the day when we were once in your shoes. As we can see in your eyes, in your smile, that special feeling that you have on such a day as special as your wedding day when your heart glows endlessly. 

We're here to capture that feeling, those timeless memories thru a lens...

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